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The Seven Beaches of Roses (from West to East):

Beach (Platja)
Length Description Description Facilities
Platja de Sta Margarida 700 Fine Sand A long and broad beach running from Salatar beach up to the outlet of Santa Margarida residential marina. It has fine, golden sand and clean and shallow waters. A popular beach, occupied by a larger proportion of second home owners in the area. Services: Coastal and land surveillance, showers, waste-paper bins, toilets, Red Cross first-aid post, telephones, good signposting, ramps for the disabled, restaurants, drink and ice-cream stands, lounger beds, sunshades, awnings, pedalo and kayak rental, volleyball net, children’s play area, windsurfing and underwater diving school and zone for easy access and parking. Lifeguard service: Type: Urbana Services: Bar/cafeteria, Drinks & ice-creams, Tourist cruisers, Showers, First aid & assistance, Hammocks/sunshades, Sports facilities, Skates, kyaks,, Floating platform, Restaurant, Telephone, Highway transport
Platja del Salatar
Platja Roses 1400m Fine sand
Platja de la Punta 440m Fine sand Lifeguard service
Platja dels Palagres 130m Coarse sand Drinks & ice-creams, Showers
Platja de Canyelles Petites 350m Fine Sand Lifeguard service, bar/cafeteria, drinks & ice-creams, showers, first aid / assistance, floating platform, restaurant, highway transport, launching area
Platja del Bonifaci 100m
This is a small cove between L’Almadrava and Canyelles. It is only 100 metres long, but it has all the charm of a sheltered cove with clean, crystal waters.
Coastal surveillance, sand and water cleaning, floating platform, floating mooring for boats, bar and ice-cream stand, tables and sunshades.
Platja de L'Almadrava 520 Fine Sand High Lifeguard service: Yes Type: Semi urbana Services: Lifeguard bar/cafeteria, drinks & ice-creams, tourist cruisers, showers, first aid / help, hammocks/sunshades, skates, piraguas, floating platform, restaurant, highway transport, launching area.

The Beaches of Cap de Creus (from West to East):

Cala Jòncols 180m A wild and beautiful cove around the cape of Norfeu, comprising of smooth pebbles. An ideal venue for Aqua diving with the seabed sloping steeply and clear water.
This is an unspoiled cove with a wild landscape backdrop, running for a length of some 180 metres and located 12 kilometres from Roses town centre. Access is by a coast road running along the entire coastline, passing by Cape Norfeu and ending at Jòncols cove. This is a beach formed by pebbles, also to be found on the steeply shelving seabed. This is an ideal spot for diving (with a specialised centre). Services: Coastal surveillance, buoy-marked bathing zone, car park without attendant, sand and water cleaning service during the summer season. It also has rubbish containers at the exit from the cove, signposts, a beaching point for tourist boats, a terrace with reed sunshades and a removable jetty.

Parking, Marked bathing area, Diving Centre, Lifeguard, Regular summer beach & water cleaning, Landing jetty, Bar with shaded terrace.
For Holiday Rental:
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Roses (Cala Joncols): Magnificent two Bedroom Villa for up to six people in this beautiful, unspoiled bay. With direct access to the sea.
Cala Calitjàs 100m 8km This is a little cove with a 100-metre beach surrounded by cliffs and with transparent waters. It is 8 kilometres from Roses, between Pelosa and Montjoi coves. Access is via the same road running along the coast and going on to beyond Cape Nofeu. It is a cove with medium-grain, grey sand. The beach shelves rapidly into deep waters. Services: Coastal surveillance, buoy-marked bathing zone and cleaning of the cove and its waters.
A small cove surrounded by cliffs with coarse greyish sand and clear water, between the coves of La Pelosa and Cala Montjoi.
Marked bathing area, Lifeguard, Regular summer beach & water cleaning.
La Pelosa 90m 9km This is one of the most popular coves in Roses. It lies in the shelter of Cape Norfeu peninsula, 9 kilometres from Roses, and runs for some 90 metres. Here there is a fishermen’s hut (a former sailors’ refuge) and a small bar-restaurant where visitors can sample all the specialities offered by the Mediterranean sea. The cove has coarse-grain sand and the seabed shelves steeply. It is 8 kilometres from Roses, with access along the same road as the one that goes to Jòncols and Montjoi coves. Parking, Marked bathing area, Bar, Landing jetty, bar, Regular summer beach & water cleaning.
Canadell 50m 10km This is a wild, secluded beach, formed of pebbles and situated between the Jòncols and Pelosa coves. It is only 50 metres long. Essential cleaning and coastal surveillance services.
Cala Montjoi 250 7km This is a broad, much-visited cove, running 250 metres in length, ideal for underwater diving (with a specialised centre). It has coarse sand and pebbles, and the seabed shelves steeply. There is a holiday village here and the famous El Bulli restaurant, considered one of the most select in the world and awarded three stars in the Michelin guide. Coastal surveillance, buoy-marked bathing zone, beach and water cleaning, containers at the cove exit, large parking zone without attendant, tourist boat beaching area, service for skates and lounger beds, terrace with tables and sunshades, removable jetty and a bar.
Calis 45 6km This is a short (40-metre) beach with medium-grain sand. Some consider it to be a small ension of Montjoi cove, as all that separates the two are some rocks jutting out of the sea. Coastal surveillance, buoy-marked bathing zone, parking zone without attendant. Beach and water cleaning.
Cala Rostella &
Cala Murtra
100 &
6.5km Difficult to get to by land. Both beaches are highly secluded, unspoiled and with a cliff backdrop. The easiest way to get to them is by boat, which makes them into little paradises less than seven kilometres from the town.
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