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Confused about the Catalan Police forces?

You're not the only one! Who do you go to if your car is stolen in town, you have an accident, or suspect fraud?
There are three main police forces operating in Catalunia, with the following responsibilities:

The MEF (Mossos d'Esquadra):
Protection of people and properties
Maintaining public order
Surveillance & protection of public demonstrations and maintaining order
Crime prevention
Assistance at accidents and disasters
Enforcement of Catalan Government legislation
Crime investigation (although some of this is dealt with by the CNP and GC)

Cuerpo Nacional de Policia (CNP)and Guardia Civil - (GC) - (These are currently merging into the GC):
Protecting state buildings & officials and Safety of state documents
Guarding coasts, borders, ports, state-run airports and customs
Immigration, control of the entry & exit of firearms, explosives & drugs, etc.
Criminal investigation and judiciary

Policia Local A separate force for each of the 180 municipalities with over 5,000 inhabitants)
The safety of citizens within their municipality
The safety of the citizens of it's municipality
Road traffic and associated matters
Juvenile delinquency prevention

Bodies coordinating these forces are: The Catalan Council for safety, representatives from the Central and the Autonomous Government, The Municipality Safety Council, The Coordination Rooms (one for each Catalan province), and the Securities Police Council.

The entire system works surprisingly well - crime and anti-social behaviour is very low and the juvenile crime rate is one of the lowest in Europe.

So if your car is stolen, go to the Policia Local.
You have an accident in a country lane: report it to the Mossos d'Esquadra.
And if you suspect you have been a victim of fraud try the CNP or Guardia Civil.

Hope that has clarified the situation!

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