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House Contents & Part Load removals - European Removals from the UK

European Removals from the UK European Removals from the UK European Removals from the UK

Tips on moving abroad, and selecting your International House Removal Company.

Most people have a budget when deciding to buy abroad. Before considering your maximum property property price, it is advisable to check your Removals Costs with three or four International Removal Companies.

<<< A Selection of Established International Removals Companies are listed in the left-hand panel.

It may be necessary to arrange furniture storage with the Removal Company, if completion date is delayed. So check the storage services each International Removal Company offers. You should also consider whether a Part-Load arrangement would be more appropriate.

Do not forget to check the requirements of your destination country regarding immigration, registration etc.

If you are emigrating and have young children, it important that they are involved from the very beginning. Ask their opinion of possible properties and treat the entire project as an adventure. With very young children, demonstrate the moving process with dolls and toy cars etc. This should help to ensure a happy future for the entire family in your chosen destination.

Tips for a pain-free move:

One month before your International Removal:

» Ensure your property abroad is in on course for completion for your removal date.

» Call your removal Company to ensure they have scheduled the move for the correct date.

» Make your personal travel arrangements - flights, crossings, car-hire, hotels etc.

» If you feel it may be necessary, make back-up arrangements for temporary accommodation.

» Collect together materials that you will need - boxes, tape, string, newspapers for wrapping fragile items.

» Get together all essential documents - Medical, Insurance, Financial, etc and store them in a safe but accessible place.

» Advise all your correspondents of your change of address, including Friends, Insurance Companies, Banks, etc. (VistaPrint offer a range offer range of low-cost Change of Address address cards - Look under their 'Announcements' section))

» Contact Royal Mail to redirect any correspondence you have forgotten to notify.

» Register with Mailing Preference Service to stop junk mail following you to your dream home!

» If necessary, give notice of termination to your current service providers (Gas, Electricity, Rates, etc).

» Advise you tax office of your departure

» Get an overseas SIM card for your existing mobile phone - visit for the best call rates.

» Sign up for services at your new address.

Two weeks before your International Removal:

» Inform existing gas, electric telephone & water companies, plus cable if necessary, of your change of address for your final bills.

» Check that all services (Electricity, Gas, Water, Rates etc) at your new address are being changed to your name.

» Confirm your personal travel arrangements.

» Press-gang friends / relatives for Moving Day assistance.

» Make arrangements to close or transfer your bank account, if necessary.

The Day before Moving:

» Get together moving materials like tape measure, pocket knife, tape, packing boxes and markers. So they don't go straight into the Removal Van!

» Ensure you have tickets, charge cards, and other essentials for your personal journey.

Packing Tips:

» Label all packing boxes with it's destination room in your new house.

» Number each box and compile a list of each box's contents

» Clearly mark fragile items.

» Pack a bag of personal items you'll need during the move (medicines, change of clothes, toiletries, maps, food, and drinks) - you may be delayed on your journey.

» If you have children, pack games, activities, sweets etc for the trip.

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