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ROSES WEATHER: Climate & monthly averages for the Roses area of the Costa Brava plus DETAILED FIVE DAY ROSES WEATHER FORECAST

Current weather at nearby Gerona
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The Average Temperature and weather conditions are shown below. This should be taken as a general guide only.
Temperatures are Averages in the shade. In the sunshine these are substantially higher

Month: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp: 55 57 62 66 70 77 81 81 77 72 61 57 Degrees Fahrenheit
13 14 17 19 21 25 27 27 25 22 16 14 Degrees Centigrade
Sunny Intervals Sunny Sun & showers Sunny Intervals Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Intervals Sun & showers Sunny Intervals

One of the many attractions of the area around the Bay of Roses for both holiday-makers and ex-pats is it's temperate climate.

The weather in the Northern Costa Brava is generally very pleasant, and the Bay of Canyelles Petites offers substantial shelter from the winds - specially the Tramantana that can arrive without warning.

Although air temperatures are high in July and August, this is usually tempered by cooling breezes.

Drizzly days are unusual -
Rain usually comes as just a short burst.

Generally, local temperate is several degrees higher than Gerona, and receives higher hours of sunshine.

See below for a detailed Roses five-day forecast.

Canyelles Petites & Roses are 1 hour from Gerona and 2 hours from Barcelona. Check live fares on Skyscanner:
Check the distances and drive times of the five nearest Airports to the Roses area

Find the favourite hotels in Roses, Costa Brava

Detailed five-day forecast for the Roses area:
5 Day Forecast weather forecast from Weather2
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